Dried Green Onion


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So sánh


Consuming vegetable is an extremely important for our body. Vegetable contain various nutrients that will be easily absorbed good for our body. Vegetable is watery so it will be fresh even if we cook it. But a fresh vegetables may attacked by microoganism that will rotten the vegetable outside the refrigerator.

To have a fresh vegetable in a long time, there are lot of dried vegetable nowadays. Dried vegetable is actually the same, that both dried and watery are vegetable. But, the dried one contains less water. The water content in dried vegetable is being decreased, deliberately to avoid rotten. This process actually affect the nutrients contained to be less than watery. But, the nutrients contained are also beneficial for your healthy to be consumed. 

Here are the health benefits of dried vegetables for daily consume: Digestion, nutrient for brain, less cancer risk, blood circulation, heart protection, press cholesterol level, prevent stroke, boost energy, avoid fat deposits, balancing body fluids, improve your apetite, solve dizzy, skin care, eye care, anti-oxic, avoid diabetes, press high level of triglycerides, improve kidney health, improve pregnant health, etc.


Style: Dried

Drying process: AD

Shape: Sliced/ chip

Moisture: 5-7%

Package: Vacuum pack, PP bag 10kgs or as customer’s request