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So sánh


  • Green shisho is used as a receptacle to hold wasabi or garnish and ken sliced into fine threads.
  • The green leaf can be cut into pieces and used in Japanese cuisines such as noodles and as an assortment of other cold dishes like cold noodles, cold tofu and tataki.
  • Whole leaves are mixed with shrimp and other fried items.
  • Red leaves are used for making pickled plum and to color pickled eggplant.
  • The seed pods or berries are also salted and preserved as a spice.
  • The shiso oil was used during 1960 for deep-frying purposes.
  • There are many types of commercial varieties and furikake variety is sprinkled on rice or mixed into musubi dish.
  • It is also sprinkled in pasta.
  • Shiso pasta which is famous in Japan is made from chopped leaves of shiso.
  • Aichi Perfecture of Japan produces around 4000 tons of shiso and is the number one producer of shiso.